Time is a precious asset and so is your property

Tenant Placement and Marketing

We deal with vacancies efficiently and urgently because we know that time is money. Our skilled team knows how to look for and select qualified tenants for your property. Every tenant is thoroughly evaluated and verified.

Each property is posted on the local MLS and syndicated to variety of websites including Zillow, Craigslist and social media sites. We have relationships with local tech companies, doctors, teachers, police debts, and non profit housing agencies. That’s why a lot of our listings are being fulfilled quickly.

Rent Collection

Convenience is key in today’s modern marketplace. With just one click tenants are able to set up automatic recurring lease payments. Tenants are happy and you can ensure that rental payments are received in a reliable timely fashion.

Repairs and Maintenance

From fixing a toilet to an extensive renovation of a vacant unit, we have done it. Our trusted long term relationships with contractors and qualified craftsman work in your favor to save you money and hassle.

Preventative Maintenance

Our prompt and responsive customer service to tenants and their urgent needs will optimize your income properties.

If you don’t have experience in owning properties, we can help you in negating liability. We can deflect any claims, rent collection tactics, illegal eviction practices or negligent maintenance.

Book Keeping

We pride ourselves on consistency and accuracy of records and accounts. We provide budgeting, financial and operating reports, cash management and financial statements. We also pay invoices/insurances, taxes, send 1099s to vendors. Properties are re-evaluated yearly. 

Additional Services

Absentee owner.

Don’t worry if you don’t live near your rental property. We will alleviate you from any burden and unnecessary stress that comes with facing situations that cannot be dealt with from afar. Earth Real Estate supports equal housing and affordable housing ventures. We cooperate with agencies and government for owners who wish to participate in such programs.

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