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Rent Ready

Our standards for rent-ready properties might be a notch above what you're used to with other property management companies. Rent-ready places not only lease quicker but also fetch higher rents and draw in top-notch residents, leading to less turnover and fewer vacancies.

After signing your property management agreement, we conduct a thorough property inspection to evaluate its condition against our rent-ready standards. Our detailed inspection report outlines necessary repairs and cosmetic enhancements aimed at optimizing rental income.

We categorize our inspections into four key areas:

Safety (Required):

We prioritize resident safety by ensuring compliance with local codes and regulations. This includes checking the functionality of locks, doors, windows, stairs, and fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Functionality (Required):

We verify the functionality of essential systems and appliances, such as heating, cooling, water, electric, gas, and cable connections. We also assess the operability of appliances, fixtures, and other key items.

Cleanliness (Required):

Maintaining cleanliness throughout the property is crucial. We ensure the property is free from dirt, stains, clutter, and pests, with professional cleaning of carpets, floors, appliances, and surfaces. Outdoor areas are also well-maintained.

Cosmetic (Recommended):

We may suggest cosmetic improvements to enhance the property's appearance, potentially increasing rent prices and property value. This could involve addressing scuffs, stains, and outdated features, as well as upgrading appliances, paint, fixtures, countertops, and landscaping to modern standards.

By adhering to these standards, we ensure that your property is not only safe and functional but also attractive to prospective tenants, ultimately maximizing its rental potential and value.