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3 Steps to Sell your Property


1. Preparation

  • A reason to sell. Establishing purpose.
  • What is your home worth? We perform a detailed (CMA) comparative market analysis.
  • Know your options. Good time to consult CPA on sale proceeds. Exit strategy. Will you need a new home? Roll proceeds into a new investment.
  • Timing is everything. Does it make sense for you to sell? Chat with one of our agents to see if it’s the right time.
  • Inspections, disclosures and required paper work.
  • Repair, improvements, and modernizations. First impression counts. The more aesthetically pleasing, the higher the sales price.

2. List

  • Selling your home is like a dating process. After preparations are done, it is time to get excited. All eyes will be on the property.
  • Property hits the market, showing begins.
  • We believe there is “the” right buyer for every property.
  • Review, negotiate and accept offer.

3. Close

  • Open escrow
  • Buyer signs mandatory disclosures and performs their due diligence
  • Transfer money from buyer to seller
  • Sign closing documents
  • Cheers! Time to celebrate (“little toasting wine glass”)

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